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Welcome to Castle Laser Tag

Play a solo game and defend the castle from all other players or play as a team to develop strategies and face the challenges together. Whatever the adventure, the experience will surely bring fun and excitement. So please come and join us to Storm the Castle!

Castle Laser Tag is a premier destination for those who want to experience an adrenaline rush like no other. If you are looking for laser tag in Gaithersburg or laser tag in Bowie, prepare yourself for a multi-level, pulse-pounding environment that will challenge your skills.

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join the quest for kings!

The unique theme of Castle Laser Tag will appeal to beginners and experts alike. Upon entry, you'll be set on an awesome quest by the Wise Wizard. Fog, lights, and sound set the mood for this epic laser tag adventure that takes you through a terrain illuminated by black light. Danger lurks around every corner while you must attempt to tag your adversaries and avoid hostile fire.

Not all laser tag environments are created equal. This one requires skill and cunning. It is designed to test your intellect as well as your physical proficiency. You can choose from a solo adventure in which you are tasked with defending the castle against other players. This is a great opportunity to let your inner knight run free. Or, you can choose to participate in a team mission that will require you to work with others to develop a winning strategy. Either way, these are hours of fun that you'll not soon forget.

Why spend your money playing paintball in boring outdoor environments when you can be transported to a medieval kingdom? The castle is a place of mysterious magic and sinister shadows, a place where chivalry and honor are rewarded with the ultimate victory. As you experience the sights, sounds, and overall environment of the castle, you'll delve deep into your own fondness for fantasy.


There are many reasons to play Laser Tag in Gaithersburg. One of the best is that the game allows you to become immersed in the environment. It's an escape quite unlike any video game you've ever played. For a few hours, you can become the hero of your own personal adventure.

Unlike paintball, Laser Tag at this awesome castle involves no harmful projectiles and requires no cumbersome vests or protective gear. The laser light is produced with infrared technology, which is less harmful than sunlight and even weaker than the light on your remote control. There is also no mess to clean up afterward. All that exists for you is pure fun.

Many other things could be said about the benefits of playing laser tag. It sharpens mental abilities, provides exercise, and even promotes leadership skills. Most of all, though, Castle Laser Tag is simply a place to encourage your thirst for excitement in a safe environment where having fun is the primary goal.

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