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Castle Laser tag

COVID-19 Re-Opening Plan

We’ve instituted thorough cleaning and safety practices to support the health and wellness of our families and staff. We've done this by carefully following all State and Federal guidelines for COVID-19 protocols and taking additional steps to ensure your safety at our facility.

We’re Supporting Social Distancing Across our Facility

• Guest capacity at the facility will be limited in accordance with local and federal guidelines

• A newly installed safety shield at registers and help desks

• Social distancing markers now appear throughout the facility encouraging appropriate separation between customers and staff.

• Increased frequency of cleaning and sanitization practices across all areas of the facility

• Staff members have been trained on proper cleaning & disinfecting procedures, and usage of Personal Protective Equipment

• We have enhanced deep-cleaning procedures using sanitization, deodorizing, and cleaning products that meet the EPA criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 and the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19

We’re Adding Multiple Layers of Strict Cleaning and

Disinfecting Measures

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We’re Promoting Healthy Hygiene Practices

• New touch-less soap and towel dispensers have been installed to encourage increased hand washing for guests

• We've increased the number of sanitization stations throughout the facility

• We're requiring mandatory face coverings for staff and guests ages 2 and older

• We're promoting the importance of these practices throughout the facility with signs advocating proper hand hygiene, avoiding sharing

personal items, cough etiquette, and physical distancing

• Staff members have been instructed in our new COVID-19 Incident Response Protocols to ensure we have the quickest and safest reaction to any possible exposure

• Team members are required to wash their hands frequently throughout each day and for at least 20 seconds. We are also encouraging our guests to do the same

We’re Trained Our Staff Members

on the New Protocols

Kim Cleaning.jpg

While these practices will be new for us, we understand their importance and see them all as necessary steps to providing the safest environment possible for everyone at Castle Laser Tag.


It's also important to note that we've applied these measures with all of the updated

information that we have access to and we will continue to update our protocols as needed as we continue to learn more.

Are we screening our staff?
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